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Roulette Lever in Raw BrassRoulette® Lever Alcove Shower Set & Spa Filler Set in Raw BrassPhoto courtesy of Breathe Architecture & Photographer Tim RossRL3618RB
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Roulette Lever Wall Mixer in Dull CopperRoulette® Lever Wall Mixer in Dull CopperShown immediately after manufacture with Engraved Button UpgradeCB7500-RL-DC-EBU
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Roulette Lever Flick Mixer with Basin Victor Outlet in Matte Black with Chrome TrimRoulette® Lever Flick Mixer with Basin Victor Outlet in Matte Black with Chrome TrimCB7000-RL-VT-MB
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Olde Adelaide Duo Mixer with Roulette Handles in Antique BrassOlde Adelaide® Duo Mixer with Roulette® Handles in Antique BrassBA1520AB
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Roulette Exposed Wall Sink Set with Straight Breech in Lea Wheeled Brass with Engraved ButtonsRoulette® Exposed Wall Sink Set with Straight Breech in Lea Wheeled Brass with Engraved ButtonsRU9383LW-EBU
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Heritage Basin Set with Swivel Gooseneck Outlet in Chrome PlateHeritage® Basin Set with Swivel Gooseneck Outlet in Chrome PlateHE4014CP
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Brass Forging at Consolidated BrassBrass ForgingWe actually manufacture in Australia
Brass Casting at Consolidated BrassBrass CastingWe actually manufacture in Australia
Alcove Shower Sets in Lea Wheeled Brass with Engraved ButtonsAlcove Shower SetsHeritage®Roulette®Roulette® LeverHE9599LW-EBU
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Metal Finishes
Choose your preferred metal finish...

ABAntique Brass Antique BrassFinish Code: ABNon-TarnishingMore Info
PBPolished Brass Polished BrassFinish Code: PBMaturing FinishMore Info
RBRaw Brass Raw BrassFinish Code: RBMaturing FinishMore Info
PPPolish to Plate Polish to PlateFinish Code: PPMaturing FinishMore Info
LWLea Wheeled Brass Lea Wheeled BrassFinish Code: LWMaturing FinishMore Info
DABDull Antique Brass Dull Antique BrassFinish Code: DABNon-TarnishingMore Info
GD24 Carat Gold Plate 24 Carat Gold PlateFinish Code: GDNon-TarnishingMore Info
BABBrushed Antique Brass Brushed Antique BrassFinish Code: BABNon-TarnishingMore Info
SABSatin Antique Brass Satin Antique BrassFinish Code: SABNon-TarnishingMore Info
WBWeathered Brass Weathered BrassFinish Code: WBMaturing FinishMore Info
ACAB with Chrome Trim Antique Brass
with Chrome Trim
Finish Code: ACNon-TarnishingMore Info
CPChrome Plate Chrome PlateFinish Code: CPNon-TarnishingMore Info
BSBrushed Satin Brushed SatinFinish Code: BSNon-TarnishingMore Info
SCPSatin Chrome Plate Satin Chrome PlateFinish Code: SCPNon-TarnishingMore Info
NPNickel Plate Nickel PlateFinish Code: NPNon-TarnishingMore Info
BNBrushed Nickel Plate Brushed Nickel PlateFinish Code: BNNon-TarnishingMore Info
CAChrome with AB Trim Chrome Plate
with AB Trim
Finish Code: CANon-TarnishingMore Info
BCBright Copper Bright CopperFinish Code: BCMaturing FinishMore Info
DCDull Copper Dull CopperFinish Code: DCMaturing FinishMore Info
FBFlorentine Bronze Florentine BronzeFinish Code: FBMaturing FinishMore Info
MBMatte Black with CP Trim Matte Black
with CP Trim
Finish Code: MBNon-TarnishingMore Info
MAMatte Black with AB Trim Matte Black
with AB Trim
Finish Code: MANon-TarnishingMore Info
Quick Filter Options: Brass or Gold Colours | Silver Colours | Copper or Bronze Colours | Matte Black | Maturing Finishes | Non Tarnishing Finishes | Remove Filter

Handle Styles
...then combine it with your preferred style collection.

Roulette®Domestic Styling Roulette®Timeless StyleEngraved Button OptionalView Range
Heritage®Domestic Styling Heritage®Elegant StyleEngraved Button OptionalView Range
Roulette® LeverDomestic Styling Roulette® LeverRapid Action SpindlesEngraved Button OptionalView Range
Roulette® LeverColoured Lever Inserts Roulette® Lever
Optional Upgrade
White, Gloss Black,
Matte Black, Burgundy,
Heritage Green,
Almond Ivory
View Range
CB Ideal Seaview®Modern Styling CB Ideal Seaview®Modern StyleRapid Action Spindles with Lock Nut HandlesView Range
Roulette® LeverWall Mixers Roulette® Lever
Wall Mixers
Coloured Lever OptionalEngraved Button OptionalView Range
Roulette® LeverHorizontal Flick Mixers Roulette® Lever
Flick Mixers
Coloured Lever OptionalEngraved Button OptionalView Range
Roulette® LeverDB Mixer™ Series Roulette® Lever
DB Mixer™ Series
Coloured Lever OptionalEngraved Button OptionalView Range
Olde Adelaide®Style Collection Olde Adelaide®A blend of Roulette Lever & Heritage styles with Olde Adelaide outletsView Range
Bellevue®Commercial Styling Bellevue®Red, Blue, Yellow or Green Indicators Available View Range
Bellevue® MK2Handle Upgrade Bellevue® MK2
Handle Upgrade
Solid Lock Nut HandlesForged H or C IndicatorView Range
Celestial®Commercial Styling Celestial®Large Red or Blue IndicatorsLaboratory SuitableView Range
Celestial® LeverCommercial Styling Celestial® LeverRapid Action Spindles115, 150 or 180mm Lever LengthsView Range
Torrens® CapstanCommercial Styling Torrens® CapstanRapid Action SpindlesEngraved Button OptionalView Range
Torrens® LeverCommercial Styling Torrens® LeverRapid Action SpindlesEngraved Button OptionalView Range
Torrens® Flared LeverCommercial Styling Torrens® Flared LeverRapid Action Spindles115, 150 or 180mm Lever LengthsView Range
CB Ideal®Gaol Safe Series CB Ideal®
Gaol Safe Series
Heavy Duty
Torx Key Screws
View Range
Roulette® CapstanRoulette Style Variant Roulette® CapstanContemporary Roulette Style Customisation OptionView Range
Roulette® ModernRoulette Style Variant Roulette® ModernContemporary Roulette Style Customisation OptionView Range
Roulette® RedeuxRoulette Style Variant Roulette® RedeuxContemporary Roulette Style Customisation OptionView Range
Custom HandlesBespoke Styles Custom HandlesHaving our factory on home turf has advantagesView Options
Quick Filter Options: Domestic Styles | Commercial Styles | Cross Handles | Lever Handles | Flick Mixers | Custom Handles | Remove Filter

Commercial Products

Laboratory TapwareMultiple Handle Styles Laboratory TapwareStandard & Customisable SetsICC Button OptionsView Range
Gas TurretsSingle or Multi Outlet 1, 2, 3 & 4 Way
Gas Turrets
Suitable for SchoolsICC Button OptionsAGA CertifiedView Range
Needle Valve TurretsCelestial® or Bellevue® Needle Valve TurretsSuitable for LabsICC Button OptionsAGA CertifiedView Product
CB Ideal®Gaol Safe Series CB Ideal®
Gaol Safe Series
Heavy Duty
Torx Key Screws
View Range
Reclaimed WaterCistern & Bib Taps Reclaimed Water
Cistern & Bib Taps
Vandal Resistant DesignsColour Coded with Metal SignsView Range
ContemporaryD Type Spindle Taps Contemporary
(D Type Spindle)
General Utility TapwareBib, Stop &
Pillar Taps
View Range

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Manufacture & Transit Times launchWe can supply quality standard and customised items with fast delivery times because we manufacture locally.
We continuously invest in local jobs and machinery.

Recent Updates

29 September 2018New Brochure Available We have started shipping out a new brochure to stores over the past week. A digital version of it is also accessible here: 2018 Product Sampler Brochure

Work continues on improving our website. The Metal Finishes Guide has significantly improved over the past couple of months. In addition, usability bugs have been squashed that were specific to Internet Explorer 11, and some issues resolved for tablet devices that use both mouse and touch input.

We are also excited to announce a new metal finish, Weathered Brass (finish code: WB). More information is available here. Pricing for this finish is available using our website's product pages.
16 March 2018Additional Displays We'd like to highlight some new displays now on show in NSW and WA:

Sydney Tap and Bathroomware - Alexandria, NSW - Dull Copper and Lea Wheeled Brass displays added, some Dull Copper taps are now stocked.
Antique Baths Sydney - Pendle Hill, NSW - Dull Copper display added, various range of plugs and wastes in selected finishes stocked.
Edwardian Tiles - Fremantle, WA - Brushed Nickel and Matte Black displays added.

Also the Paramount House Hotel in Surry Hills, NSW featuring our Roulette Lever tapware and shower curtain rails in Raw Brass opens on April 1. Some of the preview photos on their Instagram look amazing!
5 February 2018General news, updates and a new How to Guide for our website. We're off to a great start this year with many exciting projects on the horizon, the wonderful team at Breathe Architecture have sent us some high resolution photos of projects that feature our raw brass tapware. You can check out the photos on the Architect & Designer Showcase page.

We've been tweaking our new website since launch, responding to feedback and adding improvements to our search tool. Today we added a new reference guide: "How to use our New Website". It is a useful and quick training resource for our distributors.

The next target on our to-do list is to prepare more product photos. We've finished the last touches of converting a section of our factory offices to be a dedicated photo room and the equipment is all set to go. We're really looking forward to getting new photos online and available for easy reference.
26 November 2017 New Website Launched. Our new website is a vast improvement over the previous one, and we will be continuing to add information and new product photographs. Pricing shown on this website aligns with the 2017 Price Update.

The 2017 Price Update transitions us to a completely digital catalogue. Moving to a fully digital platform is a logical step for our business, as it helps us provide better and more accessible information than was ever possible in our physical catalogues. We understand the ease of flipping through pages is still of use, a virtual book is available on the price list page and options both there and on the website have been created for easily printing out product specifications.

Distributors can request full Excel price files that are setup for loading into sales systems.
1 April 2017New April 2017 pricing is now in effect. Pricing structures have changed and all old price books are no longer valid. This includes all 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 price books. Orders that use expired pricing will not be accepted.