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SKU Modifiers / Ordering of Items with Modifiers

Question: What is a SKU Modifier?

SKU Modifiers are something we have added to our option tables in the 2017 price update and are also available for reference on our website.

These give a much easier pricing guide for customised items and remove the need to contact us for pricing of simple upgrades or modifications.


Add white coloured inserts to Roulette Lever Basin Set with Fixed Gooseneck Outlet in Chrome Plate finish:

RL4511CP    ----->      RL4511CP-LCNS                        Order note: White Inserts

The -MTO code is used in multiple places for certain upgrades (it stands for Made to Order).

To add engraved buttons to a Roulette Series Basin Set with Swivel Gooseneck Outlet in Antique Brass finish:

RU4012AB     ----->     RU4012AB-EBU

You can chain multiple SKU Modifiers like so, for the Roulette Lever Basin Set with Fixed Gooseneck Outlet in Chrome Plate finish to have both coloured lever inserts and base inserts:

RL4511CP     ----->      RL4511CP-LCNS-BNS               Order note: White Inserts

Question: How do I use the Metal Finish Codes and what do they mean?
Answer: The metal finish codes stand for the metal finishes on the end of the product SKU:

RU4012 + Metal Finish Code     ----->      RU4012CP   =   The Chrome Plate version of this item.

Common finish codes featured in the 2017 Price Book and on this website are below:

AB  =  Antique Brass
CP  =  Chrome Plate
NP  =  Nickel Plate
PP  =  Polish to Plate
RB  =  Raw Brass
LW  =  Lea Wheeled Brass
WB  =  Weathered Brass
DAB  =  Dull Antique Brass
BAB  =  Brushed Antique Brass
SAB  =  Satin Antique Brass
CA  =  Chrome with AB Trim
AC  =  AB with Chrome Trim
DC  =  Dull Copper
BC  =  Bright Copper
FB  =  Florentine Bronze
BS  =  Brushed Satin
BN  =  Brushed Nickel Plate
SCP  =  Satin Chrome Plate
PB  =  Polished Brass
MB  =  Matte Black with Chrome Trim
MA  =  Matte Black with AB Trim
GD  =  24 Carat Gold Plate

Reference: Common SKU Modifiers.
Answer: These are some common SKU modifiers used across the website. This reference provides a useful guide for understanding what a code represents. It is important to note these modifiers are here for reference only, you must refer to the actual products to see what can be used if needing to specify a product.

Codes are listed in Alphabetical Order:

-2MH  =  Upgrade Hand Shower Hose Length from 1.5m to 2m
-BH50  =  Upgrade Base Stem Height on Roulette Lever Flick Mixers by 50mm
-BNS  =  Flange Base Colour Inserts
-EBU  =  Engraved Button Upgrade
-FBSS  =  Forward Bowl Sink Set Under Assembly
-FLNA  =  Change from Flared Aerator to Floline Inline Aerator
-LCNS  =  Upgrade to Roulette Lever with Coloured Lever Inserts
-MK2  =  Upgrades Bellevue Sets to MK2 Anti-Vandal Handles
-MTO  =  Made to Order / Manufactured to Order
-POA  =  Not an upgrade code but stands for Price on Application
-RACT  =  Rapid Action Upgrade
-RCN  =  Roulette Capstan Handle Style Option
-RDX  =  Roulette Redeux Handle Style Option
-SFCL  =  Self Closing Spindle Upgrade Option
-TBM  =  Thick Bench Mount Upgrade for Roulette Lever Flick Mixers
-TBUA  =  Thick Bench Under Assembly
-TORX  =  Upgrades Torrens Capstan Sets to Torrens Knurled with Anti-Vandal Handles
-VUA  =  Vanity Under Assembly

Question: The option table tells me to "Specify in Notes" - what do I have to do?

If these types of options have been selected or requested they must be written into the notes on, or accompanying the purchase order. Some ranges like Laboratory have default option sets. If it is not specified on the purchase order for the items to be made differently to the defaults then we simply won't know that it needs to be done. We do our best to check purchase orders where we suspect customisation is required as they come through but we cannot read minds so please ensure order details are correct, and especially detailed for made to order items.