Regarding Metal Finishes

Question: What is Antique Brass?

Antique Brass is a finish electroplated on to brass (like chrome) which has the appearance of freshly polished brass. It does not look oxidized or tarnished in any way – it looks brand new.

The plated surface is made up of nickel, chromium and other inert metal in a carefully balanced formula, and includes gold. Being chemically inert, it does not tarnish (that is, discolour in the presence of air and moisture).

Antique Brass finishes do not need a lacquer to protect them.

While it is not as hard as Chrome Plate (Code: CP), Antique Brass (Code: AB) is much harder and more durable than 24 Carat Gold Plating (Code: GD).

Question: What is the difference between Polished Brass and Antique Brass finishes?
Answer: Brass is the basic material of our tapware, and in the course of manufacture the exterior parts are polished to a high lustre – hence Polished Brass (Code: PB).

Antique Brass is a finish electroplated on the polished brass which has the appearance of freshly polished brass, but is made up of various unreactive metals including nickel, chromium and gold.

Polished Brass quickly and easily reacts to air and moisture and this creates tarnishing, which must be removed by regular repolishing.

Antique Brass is an inert and durable finish (much harder than gold but not as hard as chrome) which bonds completely with the polished surface during plating and so there is no exposed brass that can tarnish or discolour, and absolutely no need for repolishing.
Question: Natural Brass or Raw Brass finishes (for outdoors, or for a rustic look)?

Yes, we have two options, Raw Brass (Code: RB) and Polish to Plate (Code: PP). There are a number of considerations, the main one being that the aged finish will only arise over time, and may vary considerably from place to place, depending on local conditions.

With Raw Brass we supply the tapware in its rawest form, we leave machining, forging, casting, and welding marks to provide a very rough look. On special request we can add the weld colour to the rest of the tapware where welds do not normally occur - when this is requested it is usually to give colouration to the flanges of the taps (top assemblies) to match the outlet. (There are some limitations to where this extra request can be added and it is an artistic process, meaning each piece produced will be unique due to the nature of its production).

With Polish to Plate we supply the goods in uniformly quick polished finish (we remove the machining, forging, casting and welding marks), so that the different components have a similar surface and can therefore age uniformly. Different components will have slight variances in colour on supply, this is normal as there are various raw brasses used in each component (machining brass, forging brass, tubular brass, sheet brass etc).

To avoid misunderstandings and disappointment, the customer’s expectations should be discussed thoroughly before an order is accepted, these items are specially made to order on request and the goods will not be returnable as we can not refinish them if returned.

Raw Brass Hand Shower  Raw Brass Rose

Question: Which metal finish is the most similar looking to Stainless Steel?

Brushed Satin (Code: BS) is the most similar looking finish. Another option you may consider is Satin Chrome Plate (Code: SCP). Please see our Finishes Guide for examples.

Question: I would like Tapware in a special colour. What are the options?
Answer: White, Almond Ivory, Black, Burgundy and Heritage Green are the most popular colours, but other colours are available as a Special Order, for a modest fee (price on application). Historically the choices have been Apricot, Mist Grey, as well as Pink (as well as Red. Blue, Yellow, Green, Grey – usually for commercial applications). The colour options are quite varied but will change from time to time so this is best discussed with our Sales Office. Coloured tapware is manufactured to the individual order or project and so is not returnable unless prior arrangements are made.
Question: What is the best way of looking after the various tapware finishes?
Answer: Care instructions are provided with every purchase. In addition, an effective and very safe way of brightening tapware is to spray with a 50:50 mixture of methylated spirits and water, and then dry off quickly with a soft dry cloth.

Do not use abrasives that will scratch or damage the polished or plated metal finishes.

Some metal finishes like raw brass, polish to plate and the copper plate finishes are supplied as maturing finish options, their appearance will naturally change over time and this change will also depend on how they are cared for.


Please Note:
Do not use acetic silicone when installing our products as it attacks at the plated surface,
even when wiped off with a cloth, as a harmful residue will remain.


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