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How to use our website

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Our website features...

Quick ways to price our products in all of our metal finishes.

Intuitive product search tools.

Improved information guides and detailed resources.

The following slides are intended as a quick overview of how the product pages work.

Calculating a price and getting an order code for an item is really easy on a product's webpage.
Choose a metal finish for the product...
By selecting a metal finish the price will update and the SKU (order code) above will update.
Some customisations will show all the time. Others will show after clicking on the "I want to customise this item." checkbox.
Many of our customisations are now pre-priced. Select the options and the SKU and price will update to match.
Relevant information can often be found on the product page in tabs like these. Click on the tab to view additional information.
The Metal Finishes Guide is built into every product page to help with selecting the right finish.
Hover over a swatch for more information, including a link to an example gallery for that finish.
Order turnaround time information is also located on the product page.
If you need to print product information, use this icon to open a print friendly version of the page.
Our search engine at the top of the page is continuously learning.

It will return instant results as you type (requires more than 3 characters).
You can enter a product code, it will take you directly to that product.
Or use as a normal search box and it will take you to a more extensive search result page.

Please take a moment to become familiar with the top menu.

Sections of product ranges are now easy to access from it.

We recommend exploring around for a few minutes after completing this tutorial.

Particularly under the
INFO menu as many regularly asked questions have answers included in this section.

Distributors who wish to have some more advanced training on the website, please email our office to schedule a remote 10 minute training session.

Why have we moved to web based pricing and away from physical price books?

We are empowering everyone with the benefits of us manufacturing in Australia by putting the tools to meet specific customer requirements into everyone's hands.

These tools are now available 24/7 and are designed to work on desktop, tablet and mobile. They can be frequently updated and not locked into a price book print cycle.

From a distributor's point of sale perspective we recommend having a tablet or computer to work with the end customer.

For customers and designers this means more information is easily available from the start of an enquiry, and can be accessed while onsite via mobile devices.

The top menus, along with instant search and detailed filters have provided a significant improvement in the time it takes users to find the information they are looking for when compared to our previous website.

Quick Delivery Times

We can supply standard and customised items with fast delivery times and quality because we fiercely manufacture locally and continuously invest in local jobs and machinery.

We understand the details

We pour molten metal from brass ingot, we forge brass, we machine it, we polish it... and crucially we know what goes into our products.

When you work with us we have an understanding of what it takes to make a product from scratch.