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Marketing Materials

If you would like to display our logo on your website, please feel free to use these images. If you would like something custom, please contact our office. Thanks for your support!

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Header image:


Normal Size

Consolidated Brass Tapware Banner



Logos in various sizes:


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CB Logo CB Logo Medium Size CB Logo Icon Size


Photo Packets

Product photo packets can be emailed to you on request. Please email for more information.


Physical Displays

Please contact our office regarding physical displays.



We can send brochures to your store on request. A digital version of our current brochure is also accessible here: Product Sampler Brochure


Registered Trademarks

Heritage    Reg. T.M. No. 756839
Roulette    Reg. T.M. No. 756840 & Reg. T.M. No. 2007163
Torrens    Reg. T.M. No. 756843
Bellevue    Reg. T.M. No. 756837
Celestial    Reg. T.M. No. 756838
Olde Adelaide    Reg. T.M. No. 1769042 & Reg. T.M. No. 2007164
Seaview    Reg. T.M. No. 1544061
CB Ideal    Reg. T.M. No. 756844
Consolidated Brass    Reg. T.M. No. 1992553
CB Monogram    Reg. T.M. No. 756846
Rapid Action    Reg. T.M. No. 1894213