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Engraved Button Upgrade Guide

One of our popular handle upgrades is to have engraved indicator buttons.

The majority of our handle styles have this upgrade available. Please refer to the Handle Style Guide for specific examples.

Engraved Button Upgrades, where possible or applicable can be selected with a checkbox on a product's webpage.

Look for a section like this:
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Some questions & answers: Why are they optional on some metal finishes and practically required upgrades on other metal finishes?

Sometimes the engraved indicator buttons are particularly necessary to select with a certain metal finishes. With the wider array of finishes that we now offer, the engraved indicators allow better colour matching and certainly provide a stylish finishing touch. Here are some recommended use cases for the engraved button upgrades:

Roulette Lever Flick Mixers / Roulette Lever Wall Mixers / DB Mixers

In these ranges engraved buttons are now the default.


Torrens Capstan, Torrens Lever, Torrens Flared Lever, Celestial Lever Ranges

These commercial ranges as standard have plastic red or blue indicators. When combined with engraved indicator buttons they become versatile contemporary handle styles that are well suited for use in domestic installations.


Raw Brass finish

In addition to the recommendations above, Raw Brass (finish code: RB) and engraved indicator brass buttons are an excellent combination.

Or can be a preference...

You may just prefer the indicators to be the same colour as the main (or trim colour) of the tapware.


Can I have customised engraved indicator buttons?

Yes, but there are some caveats, the machines that make these are constantly busy with production work so setups for custom indicators will require a certain quantity to fit into production. This option is priced on application.