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Why Choose CB Products?

There is a lot of information on our website but we thought it would be a great idea to provide the headline points in one place, although presented in no particular order.


Designed and Manufactured in Australia using mostly Australian & New Zealand extruded high quality brass & copper alloys. We cast, forge, machine, fabricate, weld, polish, electroplate and assemble in Adelaide. This allows us intimate control of our input materials and we consider this to be a very big point of difference with most other tapware companies in the Australian market that claim local manufacture but are only assembling here.

Family owned Australian business that is continuing to invest in manufacturing and jobs in South Australia.

Supporting local industry. Where we cannot do something in house we bend over backwards to source locally and within Australia, from boxes to plastic buttons, and even when it costs us more.

We can build custom items to suit your requirements, need something sized a bit differently - let us know and we'll work out the best workable solution.

5 Year Warranty. Please see our warranty information section for more details.

Fast turnaround times. We manufacture in Adelaide, South Australia so we control the manufacturing process to provide the best result and faster turnaround compared to importing companies.

Testing... our products pass through rigorous internal quality controls during manufacture and prior to delivery. They also undergo external laboratory testing as part of our Watermark Level 1 certification (Level 1 is the highest tier of certification).

On the off chance something does go wrong we are here to help.

CB Genuine Tapware

We have seen a rise in the number of incidents in the marketplace where certain resellers have been offering tapware as made in Australia by us that is in fact not. This includes some imitation tapware that looks very similar.

Our tapware is manufactured and branded as CB (Consolidated Brass), if the tapware you have received is not branded with this then it is possible you have not been supplied with our tapware.

Our website is a great way to cross check product information but if you are ever in doubt you are welcome to contact us for confirmation.

We continue to invest heavily in keeping our production in Australia, please help support South Australian manufacturing. Thank you.