Maintenance, Care Instructions & Troubleshooting

Please read this in conjunction with the Warranty Information section.


Question: Apart from regular cleaning, what should be done to prolong the life of outlets and showers?
Answer: To prolong the life of outlets and showers moving parts should be re-lubricated from time to time.

 •     This is very important with the ball-joint section of shower roses – lack of grease and buildup of sediment makes the ball-joint seize up, and when force is applied to adjust the shower the rose is damaged. (Vaseline or plumber's grease can be used as a lubricant for the ball-joint section).

 •     Bonnets and spindles – should be taken apart from time to time, cleaned and re-greased, either with Vaseline or with the specialized tapware lubricant available from plumbing supply shops.

 •     Rapid Action (1/4 Turn) taps should be reset after maintenance, or if they are not turning properly (handles stiff to turn, levers drooping). Leaflets which explain these adjustments are available from our office, in case the information sheet sent with the goods has been lost. This information sheet is also available for download on our Installation Help page.

Care Instructions

Please only use warm soapy water or a 50:50 methylated spirits / water mixture for cleaning with a soft cloth.

Do not use abrasives that will scratch or damage the polished or plated metal finishes.

Some metal finishes like raw brass, polish to plate and the copper plate finishes are sold as maturing finish options, their appearance will naturally change over time and this change will also depend on how they are cared for.

Specific Instructions for Various Finishes


These are electroplated finishes so we recommend washing with warm soapy water OR a 50:50 mix of methylated spirits and hot water. Dry and buff with a soft cloth. DO NOT use abrasives, metal polishes, bathroom sprays or cleaners. For Nickel Plate you can occasionally use “Silvo”.


Wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth and detergent then rinse OR a 50:50 mix of methylated spirits and hot water. Dry with a soft cloth. DO NOT use abrasives, metal polishes, bathroom sprays or cleaners.


Wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth and detergent then rinse OR a 50:50 mix of methylated spirits and hot water. Dry with a soft cloth. Avoid bumping or hitting as this may damage the finish. DO NOT use abrasives, metal polishes, bathroom sprays or cleaners.

POLISHED BRASS (High Polish Brass, Code: PB)

Polished Brass will tarnish. Clean regularly before tarnishing is obvious. Use “Brasso” or wadding type cleaners such as “Bright Shine”. Dry with a soft cloth. DO NOT use abrasives.


These metal finishes are living finishes and will tarnish. We recommend cleaning regularly with methylated spirits and hot water in a 50:50 mix. Dry with a soft cloth. DO NOT use abrasives, bathroom sprays or cleaners. For Dull Copper and Bright Copper you can occasionally use “Silvo”.

Please Note:
Do not use acetic silicone when installing our products as it attacks at the plated surface,
even when wiped off with a cloth, as a harmful residue will remain.



Question: The taps don’t cover the hole in the wall/bench. What can be done?

An extra flat backplate, to be fitted behind the flange, should fix the problem. This situation needs to be discussed with our sales personnel for the most attractive and cost-effective solution.

Tip: Duo Mixers have a specific spacer plate to cover larger bench holes (product code: SA7522 + Metal Finish Code). They are also suitable for use with pillarcock taps.

Question: The taps do not screw on to the wall connection. What is wrong?
Answer: The wall connection is too short, or the breeching piece is too deep. CB sales staff can provide cost-effective solutions to these problems with a range of extensions and adaptors.
Question: My shower rose has gone GREEN! Surely this should not happen to a plated finish?

The green deposit is usually due to the (chemicals in the) water - these chemicals react with uncoated brass (on the inside, where the plating does not reach).

Drying the surface after use (especially shower faces) removes the water and reduces the chance of forming deposits.

Try spraying with methylated spirits (or a metho/water mixture and then wiping with a soft cloth) – this can often shift deposits.

Question: What is the life expectancy of a shower rose?
Answer: This is often a very subjective question as it does depend on:

1) water quality.
2) usage.
3) maintenance - just drying off the shower rose and greasing joints prolongs the life.
4) care when working on the plumbing - when installing the shower rose or after making adjustments to the plumbing system please make sure that the taps are turned on SLOWLY to relieve the pressure. Failure to do this could lead to the face plate of the rose being distorted or forced out.
Question: The Antique Brass tapware has become silvery in colour. Why?
Answer: This is usually seen on handles, the edges of flange, the top of outlets, the flange or grating of bath or basin wastes. Wear, usually involving a hidden abrasive, is the cause. Handles and outlet tops are touched and moved very frequently, possibly with grit on the hands. If the basin or the tiles are cleaned with stronger chemicals than recommended for the tapware, it may affect the edges of the tapware.

What can be done?

Try a gold restoration polish if the problem is very mild. If the problem is severe, re-finishing is recommended.
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