Pricing Information

Recommended Retail Pricing (RRP) shown on this website is done to match our current price list. The current price list is shown at the top of each page of our website. Orders placed from using pricing in old 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 (etc.) price books are not valid.

Any Required Fields on a product shown on this website must be selected to generate a valid order code and valid price. A more complete guide on how our to get the most from our new website can be found here.

We reserve the right to adjust pricing on items as required (raw material costs do fluctuate considerably and sometimes very quickly).

Currency Variation for Currencies Other Than Australian Dollars (AUD)

Please note that pricing shown in currencies other than AUD on this website are for use as a guide, and are not a formal quotation due to confirmation of exchange rates being required at time of order.

Freight and Made to Order Items

We provide pricing here as an indication, prices may vary due to freight costs to ship goods to your area, and also to account for any potential specification changes required for your particular installation / application.

Please be advised that customised (Made to Order) items that we manufacture to your instructions are non-returnable.

Web Browser Errors and Javascript Requirement

Calculation errors due to JavaScript not running or JavaScript not running correctly on your web browser (especially required to update the prices as metal finishes or as options are selected) will not be accepted as valid. Browsers earlier than Internet Explorer 9 are not supported for calculation on this website. This means Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 are not supported at all.

Print Outs

We recommend taking a print out of your enquiry with you to a distributor to more easily place your order. Particularly if you have very specific requests. There is an option on each product for a Print Friendly page. Once that page is open select your required options and then print. Options selected on the product view itself are not automatically carried over to the print friendly page and need to be selected on the print friendly page.

If viewing a print out, current pricing can easily be checked by visiting our website: