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Metal Finish Pricing Tiers

With the April 2017 & subsequent October 2018 price reviews we have simplified the pricing tiers for the various metal finishes.

We now generally have three tiers of pricing to help simplify product selection. There are some exceptions to the below due to the nature of some products (for example, all Laboratory sets are an exception to the below structure) but these are made clear in the pricing and options for those specific products. Where listed in the website product catalogue products are listed at the CP - Chrome Plate price unless otherwise mentioned in the product title. Viewing the product's page and selecting the desired metal finish will update the price for that metal finish.

Descriptions of the various finishes can be found in the Metal Finishes Guide.

Pricing Tier One

CP - Chrome Plate
RB - Raw Brass
NP - Nickel Plate
PP - Polish to Plate
LW - Lea Wheeled Brass

Pricing Tier Two

AB - Antique Brass (this finish is commonly called Gold)
DAB - Dull Antique Brass
BAB - Brushed Antique Brass
SAB - Satin Antique Brass
PB - Polished Brass
WB - Weathered Brass
DC - Dull Copper
BC - Bright Copper
FB - Florentine Bronze
BS - Brushed Satin
BN - Brushed Nickel Plate
SCP - Satin Chrome Plate
CA - Chrome with Gold (AB) Trim
AC - Gold (AB) with Chrome Trim
MB - Matte Black with Chrome Trim
MA - Matte Black with Gold (AB) Trim

Pricing Tier Three

GD - 24 Carat Gold Plate