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Conditions of Sale

Our Conditions of Sale apply to transactions between the retailer and ourselves. We display them here for the householder’s information - these will not contradict or override conditions of transactions between householders and retailers.

’The Company’ as used in the following ’Conditions of Sale’ refers to CB Ideal Tapware Pty Ltd ABN 98 156 625 035 trading as Consolidated Brass and trading as CB Ideal Tapware.


The prices quoted in our price book are calculated on current material and manufacturing costs. Since costs may vary from time to time, the Company may vary prices from time to time without notice. An order is accepted only on the understanding that the goods ordered will be charged at the prices ruling on the day the goods are dispatched from the company’s premises.

Goods and Services Tax

Goods and Services Tax at the rate set out in the relevant legislation is a component of all transactions except for those goods or for those transactions exempted in the legislation (eg exports).

Prices are quoted in all cases with reference to the tax status of the transaction, either by the statement of a nett figure plus GST or by the statement of a total GST inclusive figure. Every transaction is described in an official Tax Invoice which fully complies with relevant legislation and which shows Goods and Services Tax as a separate amount.

Special Orders

The term ’special order’ relates to such products as:
- hospital fittings.
- laboratory fittings.
- epoxy (powdercoat) colours.
- 24 carat gold plating.
- product measurements or sizes different from those shown in the Company's price book.
- bespoke metal finishes (these are identified in the Metal Finishes Guide).

Special orders must be in the form of an official written order with a diagram if appropriate showing full details of dimensions, finishes and agreed price.

Special orders are not eligable for credit or return.
If further work on the special order is required due to any ambiguities in the original, additional charges may be made at the discretion of CB Ideal Tapware Pty Ltd.

Amendment or Cancellation of Orders

An order is not accepted until the company is satisfied that all details of the supply are clear and accurate. Information needed to clear up ambiguities in descriptions of goods, or any amendment of incorrect prices, is to be confirmed in writing before the order is accepted.

An order once accepted may be cancelled only on the clear understanding that CB Ideal Tapware Pty Ltd reserves the right to apply a cancellation charge to cover costs already incurred to supply the order.


All goods manufactured by CB Ideal Tapware Pty Ltd are delivered by the company’s usual carrier with a charge for freight being invoiced to the customer unless otherwise agreed; special freight arrangements for extra-fast service eg overnight bag, express post, made at the customer’s request are at the customer’s expense.

Freight arrangements and charges are to be agreed upon at the time the order is placed.

Locally, arrangements can be made for the customer to call and collect from the Company’s front counter. Please arrange a suitable time with us prior to collection of goods.

Returns are freighted at the returning party’s expense; replacement or repairs are freighted at the Company’s expense.


Upon acceptance of any orders, all promises made in relation to delivery are made in good faith with the proviso that the necessary labour and materials are available.

The Company does not accept any responsibility for delays due to circumstances outside of the Company's control e.g. accidents, industrial disputes etc. The Company accepts no liability for non-delivery or delayed deliveries or any promises made for delivery under any circumstances.

The Company accepts no liability for damaged deliveries or for shortages in delivery unless such damage or shortage is reported in writing within 48 hours of the delivery.

Preservation of Title

While risk in the goods passes to the customer upon delivery, title in the goods remains in the Company until the invoice describing the goods is paid in full.


Standard products will be accepted for credit only if within fourteen (14) days of delivery and prior agreement has been reached.

A Return Authorisation Number will be issued to confirm the agreement.

The original delivery docket/invoice number and date, together with the Return Authorisation Number must be supplied with any returns.

The product must be returned in original condition and in original packaging. Where items are attempted to be put through the return / restock process in bad faith the credit claim will be denied. An example of a bad faith action is bringing products back to us loose in plastic shopping bags so they bounce around and dent each other and require significant rework to be of re-saleable condition.

Returns are freighted at the customer's expense; replacements or repairs are freighted at the Company's expense, unless otherwise agreed at the time the request for credit is made, and before the goods are returned.

A restocking charge of 15% of gross invoice value (including GST component) will be charged unless otherwise agreed at the time the Return Authorisation Number is issued.

A higher restocking fee may be charged on returns where any damage exceeds the normal charge.

Why do restocking fees occur?
Very often items are not re-packed for safe return transit to us and do not arrive in a re-saleable condition. Not repacking for safe return typically causes dents and damage to products that we either have to re-finish or repair (or in certain cases replace entire sub-components). The re-stocking fees cover the costs associated with this. An alternative for the re-seller (rather than risking return transit damage) is to keep the item as stock and re-sell it.

Display Materials

From time to time the Company may provide product to resellers for display purposes in order to promote sales. Where display material is provided at no charge it remains the property of the Company and the Company reserves the right to reclaim the product or receive payment for the products at its discretion. If the product should be reclaimed the Company accepts no responsibility for the condition of the vacated display area.

It should also be noted that display sets are not intended for use with water (they are not intended to be used as functional displays). The Company accepts no responsibility for damages arising by resellers using and selling display sets. Sales of display sets are prohibited and can only be authorised by the Company's management in writing.

Illustrations and Information

As the Company continually strives to supply a superior product, modifications are made from time to time; therefore price books, brochures, catalogues etc are illustrative only, not binding. Alterations to product may be made without notice.

Requirements for product to premodified specifications is treated as a special order and subject to the same conditions on returns as specially manufactured product.

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