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How to Replace a Diverter Piston Valve Assembly

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This instruction process is written for cast diverter sets but the process is very similar for the 3 piece telephone diverter sets.

 1)   Turn off the hot and cold water supply to the diverter set.

 2)   Remove the diverter set by undoing the 2 x 20mm kinko nuts at the back and lifting the set off.

 3)   Unscrew the octagonal indicator button on the centre lever.

 4)   Remove the lever handle.

 5)   Remove the brass crank retaining nut using an adjustable wrench on the 2 flats and unscrewing it out of the diverter body.

 6)   Pull out the diverter crank with o-ring. We suggest the o-ring to be replaced if being removed.

 7)   The diverter piston can only be taken out via the outlet which has been Loctited in place. The best way to break the Loctite seal is to immerse the diverter set in hot water for 3 to 4 minutes. Then giving the duckbill outlet a sharp tap with a rubber mallet. The duckbill outlet unscrews in a clockwise direction.

 8)   With the outlet removed the diverter piston will fall out the bottom.

 9)   The new piston has a small square at one end and a larger square at the other end. The small square goes into the diverter body first and when the piston is pushed in all the way then the duckbill outlet can be re-screwed back on using Loctite No. 569 on the thread to seal the outlet in place. The outlet must be screwed all the way up or the diverter will not function correctly.

 10)   It is suggested that the diverter body and all parts be cleaned and lubricated with plumbers grease.

 11)   Proceed with installation of the crank with o-ring, crank retaining nut, handle, and button. Screwing the set back in a reverse procedure.

 12)   Turn the water back on and check for leaks. Check that the diverter lever works ok.

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