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These help sections are intended to assist with various scenarios that we have come across over time and are added to as a repository of knowledge as we resolve them. These sections also provide both summary and in depth explanations to assist with product selection, installation issues and maintenance questions.

We are endeavouring to have as much information here as possible, however we may not have the answer you are looking for already published here. If you require assistance please contact our office and we'll be happy to assist.


Frequently Asked Questions

 •   Why Choose CB Products?

 •   What is Rapid Action (1/4 Turn)?

 •   Rapid Action (1/4 Turn) Turning Direction

 •   Regarding Metal Finishes

 •   Installation Help

 •   Maintenance, Care Instructions & Troubleshooting

 •   Made to Measure Tapware & Accessories

 •   Exposed Sets

 •   Warranty Information

 •   Order Turnaround Times

Product Selection & Style Guides

 •   Metal Finishes Guide

 •   Coloured Inserts Guide

 •   Handle Style Guide

 •   Mountings & Under Assembly Guide


Pricing Information

 •   Pricing on this Website

 •   Metal Finish Pricing Tiers

 •   SKU Modifiers / Ordering of Items with Modifiers