Metal Finishes Examples

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Brass or Gold Colour Finishes

AB  //  Antique Brass

PB  //  Polished Brass

RB  //  Raw Brass

PP  //  Polish to Plate

LW  //  Lea Wheeled Brass

DAB  //  Dull Antique Brass

GD  //  24 Carat Gold Plate

BAB  //  Brushed Antique Brass

SAB  //  Satin Antique Brass

AC  //  Gold (AB) with Chrome Plate Trim

Silver Colour Finishes

CP  //  Chrome Plate

BS  //  Brushed Satin

SCP  //  Satin Chrome Plate

NP  //  Nickel Plate

BN  //  Brushed Nickel Plate

CA  //  Chrome Plate with Gold (AB) Trim

Copper Colour Finishes

BC  //  Bright Copper

DC  //  Dull Copper

Other Finishes

MB  //  Matte Black with Chrome Trim